Lorne Film 2015 Director’s welcome.

Greetings and welcome to Lorne Film 2015 – our 3rd annual festival planned for this coming November. Lorne Film 2015 sees the launch of our theme – ‘Making Waves’ – referencing our growing commitment to screen quality films featuring surf and/or ocean related themes – along with a selection of outstanding films from a variety of genres. 

Our filmmaker connections have proved an outstanding source of leads – pointing the way to some amazing content from here and abroad. Several exciting projects have landed in our collective lap with new filmmakers finding their way to us as the word spreads regarding Lorne Film.

Our Making Waves theme also highlights Lorne Film’s commitment to agitating for a positive rethink within the Australian film industry – to question the status quo, as we seek to lead reform. 

We expect this may raise a few eyebrows and create a few waves – but what better place to plant the seeds of change than the fertile ground that is Lorne – with several groundbreaking events planned for Lorne Film 2015.

So we invite you to join the growing Lorne Film community – filmmakers, patrons and loyal volunteers – as together we continue to grow what will become an iconic international film event.

Lorne Film 2015: Making Waves. We look forward to seeing you there.


Darren Markey
Festival Director
Lorne Film 2015

Lorne Film Foundation Members gain fabulous benefits whilst contributing to the development of this international event - providing lasting benefits to Lorne and the Surf Coast region. Since January 2013 our Foundation Members have enjoyed first class hospitality at opening night celebrations and entry to over 60 films and events. The directors of Lorne Film are pleased to offer 2 years Foundation Membership for the cost of 1 during these our development years, providing a unique experience as you enjoy the best we have to offer, whilst contributing to the development of Lorne and the Otway and Surf Coast region.

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